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Partner With Us

$50 may seem like a lot or a little, but it can have a big impact on reaching and discipling Macedonians.  A partner at this level covers all the monthly costs associated with a single small group, which are a very important part of our overall evangelism and discipleship strategy.


$80 a month covers all of our communication costs.  All of it!  This includes phone bills, both here and in the States, the Internet, and even some good old fashion personal letters.


$150 a month covers all of our normal day to day travel.  After 12 years we finally bought a car, and we are super thankful for it, but we drive it a lot less than we would if we lived in America. 


$250 Housing?  Yep, we like living somewhere, too!  Three people partnering at this level covers all of our housing expenses, including rent, insurance, electricity, water and even heating!

Partnering with the work here at any amount is easy.  Most of our team gives on an automatic monthly basis, much like paying your electric bill automatically but with Kingdom impact.  If you would like to start that, just click the link below.  And thanks for making a difference in Macedonia!

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Contact Us

For security reasons we don't post a lot of contact information or specifics about the ministry in Macedonia.  But feel free to send us a message with the form below and we'll be in contact with you right away!

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